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Vedrana Rudan was born in 1949 in Opatija, Croatia. She was a radio journalist until she lost her job for mocking the Croatian President and his sash (yes, really). Her books deal with uncomfortable issues: war, prejudice, spousal abuse, marriage, dysfunctional families… Her blunt language and a dark sense of humor make Vedrana Rudan’s books domestic and international bestsellers.

Published works

“Uho, grlo, nož” (Croatia, 2002)

  • English translation: Dalkey Archive Press (reviews by The Guardian and, available at Amazon)
  • also published in Russia, France, Poland, Hungary, Slovenia, Macedonia, and Serbia
  • adapted for stage in the U.S., titled “An Unrealized Dream”, by Bozena Wrobel
  • adapted for stage in Poland by famous actress Krystyna Janda. Seven years later the play is still going strong.
  • also adapted for stage in Croatia (twice), Serbia, and Hungary

Ljubav na Posljednji pogled (Croatia, 2003)

  • also published in Russia, Poland, Slovenia, Serbia

Ja nevjernica (Serbia, 2005)

Crnci u Firenci (Croatia, 2006)

  • simultaneously published in Croatia, Slovenia, Macedonia, and Serbia
  • also published in Italy, Russia, and Poland

Kad je žena kurva/Kad je muškarac peder (Croatia, 2007)

  • also published in Slovenia and Serbia
  • adapted for stage in Slovenia by Gledališče Glej

Strah od pletenja (Croatia, 2009)

Dabogda te majka rodila (Croatia, 2010)

  • published in Serbia, translated in Poland (not published yet)
  • adapted for stage in Croatia

Kosturi okruga Madison (Croatia, 2012)

  • soon to be published in Serbia

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