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My Dead Father

I can sense you won’t be interested in reading about this. Your father is just an ordinary dad who will die when he gets old, but in the meantime he takes your son to kindergarten and your daughter to dance lessons? Or did he die a long time ago, and you’ve forgotten about him and his overgrown tomb? Or you do you not even dare to imagine that your father will die? When you need some money you call him up, even though he is eighty years old, with very little money, and you’re fifty and earning a lot?
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When a Woman is a Whore

There is something in the following that will certainly be offensive to almost everyone, which is why Vedrana Rudan is generally a well-kept secret outside of Croatia and not very beloved within. Her writing is both satiric and blunt, as evidenced in her novel Night, which Dalkey Archive published a few years ago to resounding silence. This will be the first in a series of pieces by Rudan that will be published in CONTEXT.
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